May 6, 2008

Is anyone monitoring this?

This is the big question! So far in my search I have come up empty handed. Intriguingly, there seem to be two monitoring stations where this leaching is occuring. One is made of white plastic and is located downstream of the leaching area, and the second is a metal blue box with a lock on it. I can not tell if either are still operational, and calls to various local agencies have not given me any information on
a) Who owned the site in the past and who currently owns it?
b) What was monitored at these stations in the past and is any monitoring conducted now? What parameters have been monitored and what is the protocol for monitoring?

These sites must belong to someone. My aim is to find out who, and what - if anything - is being monitored here. Delving into the history is interesting, but even more important is the current situation. Whose responsibility is it to monitor the site and ensure heavy metals are not leaching into the water?

Below are pictures of the "monitoring stations" from various angles.

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