April 24, 2012

Update from the City of Oshawa - Jan 11

On January 11, 2012 the Commissioner of Development Services at the City of Oshawa sent the Development Services Committee a public report title "Industrial Disposal Oshawa Limited (IDOL) Rossland Road East and Grandview Street North Area". This was raised at the Committee's meeting on January 16.

The report provides an update on the site, and can be found at http://www.oshawa.ca/agendas/Development_Services/2012/01-16/DS-12-09-IDOL-Update.pdf.

The report includes the most recent (November 2011) monitoring data from sampling by the Ministry of Environment. Based on the sampling and analysis, MOE staff concluded:
- The results for surface water quality in the creek (SW1-SW4) are consistent with previous samplings and do not indicate an impact to the creek.
- The seep sampling results appear to indicate a minor landfill influence - elevated concentrations of chloride and iron were detected in the samples.
- These parameters are non-health related and are typically used as indicators of possible landfill leachate impacts.

The report also mentions that the Ministry of Environment has advised the City that it is engaged in discussions with the Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority (CLOCA) regarding possible remedial measures that the site owner could take to reduce the size and visual impacts of certain areas of seepage and iron staining.

At the January 16 meeting, the Development Services Committee recommend to City Council:
1. That Report DS-12-09 dated January 11, 2012 titled ‘Industrial Disposal Oshawa Limited (IDOL), Rossland Road East and Grandview Street North Area’ be received for information; and,
2.That staff follow up with the Ministry of the Environment in respect to a response to Council’s June 13, 2011 direction/request.

(this request requested that the Ministry of the Environment advise the City in writing of its comments on the Golder report, the individual Golder recommendations for additional work and monitoring and whether the· MOE will amend the existing certificate of approval for the IDOL site to implement the recommendations or to otherwise require the owner of the IDOL site to implement the recommendations or monitor and maintain the site.)