August 19, 2008

Video Clips

These small video clips, which I took July 27 give an indication of the extent of change to the soil and pools of water that were found. Half a month later, it still looks the same.

The first clip is walking east along the path at the south side of the landfill towards the leachate area, panning around the leachate area.

The second clip shows a close up of the oily sheen on the surface of the water at the leachate location, and the water visibly flowing over the steep cliff to the south, where it flows towards Harmony Creek (and Lake Ontario).

August 17, 2008

Sample results are in - and do not look good

The following samples were taken at the leachate location during multiple visits and were graciously paid for by the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, a grassroots environmental group in Toronto. The show levels of heavy metals at the landfill in the soil in June and July. (Click on the image for a larger view)

Looking at this data in comparison to provincial and federal water quality guidelines, some of the levels seem very high – I have bolded the contaminants which are over the guidelines and listed in the last column how many times are exceed the limit. For example, Cadmium – a known carcinogen found in some industrial paints and manufacture of some batteries. – exceeds the Canadian Water Quality Guidelines for the Protection of Aquatic Life limit of 0.017 ug/L by 88 times.

While the levels of some of these contaminants in water are very concerning, comparing the soil samples has been more difficult and I am currently seeking people knowledgeable in this area to help understand this data. More samples were taken recently at the landfill and following the wetland to the outlet in order to assess whether the wetland (to the south of the landfill) is filtering out these contaminants. Below are some pictures from the most recent sampling I performed.

Now that there is data backing up the threat of this landfill to humans and the environment – and more pending – there is greater evidence to demand action. Government and City officials do not seem to care enough to bother, and it seems a greater profile needs to be raised. It is time to get the community involved, and I am taking steps towards this. Please contact me at if you know anything about the history of this site or are interested in getting involved in any regard.