July 13, 2010

Oshawa City Council meeting - June 28

IDOL was on the City Council agenda on June 28, 2010. Very little details are listed in the meeting minutes:

Industrial Disposal Oshawa Limited (IDOL), Rossland Road East and Grandview Street North Area (DS-10-140) (All Wards)

Recommendation (CARRIED – See Page 371)

That Report DS-10-140 dated June 9, 2010 regarding Industrial Disposal Oshawa Limited, be received for information and that staff provide further updates as appropriate.

These meeting minutes can be found at http://www.oshawa.ca/agendas/City_Council/2010/2010%20Minutes/2010_06_28_Minutes.pdf

I believe this means that the June Report DS-10-140 from the Development Services Committee has been accepted by City Council. A link to this report can be found in my previous blog.