September 30, 2008

New pictures

It is amazing how much worse the site gets after it rains. Although the red colour has been there pretty well all summer, these pictures (taken today after it rained all morning) show pools of water with an oily sheen on top. Yesterday there were very small areas that looked oily, but no water at all. This area needs to be tested to ensure this oily substance and other materials do not pose a threat.

No feedback from the local or provincial levels to update you on...things seem to be moving very slowly. I am continuing to raise awareness of this landfill and my concerns, but I think there needs to be (a) greater pressure involved in order for action to be taken, and (b) higher government levels involved.
Facing south at the leachate area, overlooking the wetland:

Facing north at the hill towards the wetland, showing the leachate running downhill and the landfill in the background:

A dog's paw print in the rust-coloured soil at the leachate area:

The following pictures show the area where water seems to be flowing from the ground:

Facing east:

Facing west:

The following pictures try to capture the oily sheen on top of the pools of water: