June 15, 2010

Development Services Committee meeting - June 14

Although responses were expected in the second quarter of 2010, the following remain on the DSC's outstanding items list:
- Sarah Ross - Requesting to Address Committee Regarding Leachate at the Harmony Creek Landfill
- Phil Dunn, Ministry of Environment - Summary of former Industrial Disposal (Oshawa) Landfill (IDOL)

On June 14, the City of Oshawa Development Services Committee discussed the status of the landfill investigation at their meeting. Minutes from this meeting are available at http://www.oshawa.ca/agendas/Development_Services/2010/06-14/2010-06-14-Minutes_DSC_08.pdf, and are listed:

Industrial Disposal Oshawa Limited (IDOL), Rossland Road East and Grandview Street North Area (All Wards)

This matter was previously discussed at the Development Services Committee meeting held on November 10, 2008 (DS-08-489) when staff was requested to monitor the Industrial Disposal Oshawa Limited site and report back when appropriate.

The Committee now reviewed Report DS-10-140 dated June 9, 2010 from the Commissioner, Development Services providing information on matters related to the Industrial Disposal Oshawa Limited (IDOL) site located in the Rossland Road East/Grandview Street North area.

Moved by Councillor Nicholson,
“That the Development Services Committee recommend to City Council:
That Report DS-10-140 dated June 9, 2010 regarding Industrial Disposal Oshawa Limited, be received for information and that staff provide further updates as appropriate.” CARRIED

The public report from the Commissioner of the Development Services Department, dated June 9, is available at http://www.oshawa.ca/agendas/Development_Services/2010/06-14/DS-10-140-IDOL.pdf. This status report discusses the history of the investigation, communication and current direction. This will now go forward to Council.

Among the details in this public report, various results are anticipated in the fall of 2010:
- The Environmental Commissioner's Office has advised City of Oshawa staff that a report on the IDOL matter will be included in the ECO's 2009-2010 Report which will be issued in Fall 2010
- A UOlT graduate student has agreed to present her findings on the IDOL site to the Development Services Committee when available in Fall 2010
- Golder Associates Limited, who have been hired to consolidate data and knowledge on the IDOL site, will finalize their report in September 2010

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