November 15, 2009

Landfill listed as 'outstanding item' by City's Development Services Committee - Oct 26

City of Oshawa
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Development Services Committee - October 26, 2009

Development Services Committee's Outstanding Items Status Report

Item #50
Subject: Sarah Ross - Requesting to Address Committee Regarding Leachate at the Harmony Creek Landfill
Origin: DSC - June 9/08, DS-08-238
Direction/Comments: Referred to staff to obtain an update from the MOE and to work with other agencies, including CLOCA, and to report back.
Department Responsible: DS
Expected Response: Fourth Quarter 2009 (Awaiting info from MOE)

Item #51
Subject: Phil Dunn, Ministry of Environment Summary of the Former Industrial Disposal
(Oshawa) Landfill (IDOL)
Origin: DSC-Nov 13/08, DS-08-489
Direction/Comments: That staff continue to monitor the situation and report back when appropriate.
Department Responsible: DS
Expected Response: Fourth Quarter (Awaiting info from MOE)

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Anonymous said...

I see that Mr Sinclair (the owner of the property on which the landfill sits) appealed his conviction on charges related to his Belleville property. His last court appearance was in April 2009. Is there any word on what finally happened?

Seems Mr Sinclair is/was up to other shenanigans