October 16, 2008

Landfills, Leachate and Law - A radio show by Lake Ontario Waterkeeper - Oct 16

The Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, a grassroots organization in Toronto working to protect Lake Ontario, have featured the Harmony landfill on their weekly radio show. The show titled Landfills, Leachate and Law: Harmony Landfill and Beyond was released on October 16, 2008.

It is briefly described as:
This week, Mark and Krystyn discuss the hidden dangers of landfills and the runoff that pollutes our drinking water. We also take an in depth look at one Oshawa citizen trying to pull back the layers and expose a favorite dog park for what it really is: a 40-year old landfill.

It begins with a very interesting discussion of the nature of landfills and the involvement of Lake Ontario Waterkeeper with leaching landfills across the province. Towards the end I am interviewed about my work on the Harmony landfill. It ends with a discussion of filing an Application for Investigation - a joint application I have been working on with LOW for the past month or so.

I encourage you to listen. The show is available online as a Podcast at http://waterkeeper.ca/podcasts/2008-10-14-LABLandfills.mp3.

Archived episodes of Living at the Barricades, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper's weekly discussion focusing on various environmental issues, are available at http://www.waterkeeper.ca/content/podcasts/index.php.

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