September 9, 2008

Development Services Comittee meeting - Sept 8

A Development Services Committee meeting was held on September 8, 2008.

Update on Investigation into IDOL landfill site (Ward 5)

This matter was previously discussed at the Development Services Committee held on June 9, 2008 when Correspondence DS-08-238 from Sarah Ross concerning leachate at the Harmony Creek Landfill was referred to staff to obtain an update from the MOE and to work with other agencies, including CLOCA, and to report back to Committee.

The Commissioner of Development Services provided Committee with a verbal update concerning the IDOL site advising Committee that the Ministry of the Environment recommends that the site be fenced off. The Commissioner of Development Services advised that a follow-up report will be forthcoming.

The Committee requested that staff advise Sarah Ross of the steps that are being taken.

How has learning about this dump site/leachate affected YOU?

I would like to hear your thoughts - any thoughts - about how hearing about this issue has affected you. The good, the bad and the ugly!

Has learning about the landfill changed the way you view/use Harmony Valley Park and the surrounding area?

Are you concerned about what is inside this industrial waste dump?

Has the discovery of high heavy levels changed your habits? Made you concerned at all?

Should something be done about this site?

Are there questions you want answered?

Please e-mail me at with any comments or thoughts. Your feedback will remain completely anonymous, and I will not post them on the blog. I am trying to gauge how learning about this landfill has affected how the public feels about the area -- that's you!

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